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Real-Time domain registration

The same second we have received your payment your .cn domain is placed in the live registration queue at CNNIC.

This is in NO way a guarantee that we will be able to register the .cn domain! There are some significant factors that are playing a role.
CNNIC only allows one connection at the time After every single .cn registration we have to disconnect. After disconnecting we are placed in the queue at CNNIC again.
This is done to secure equal possibilities for all parties.
In the short period your .cn domain registration request is in the queue at the registry, another registrar can have registered the .cn domain for a customer.
Other factors can be:
The .cn domain shows up as free in whois but is already taken the second we apply to register.
 The registry's whois server is having problems with the load of requests and is giving wrong information to our servers.
The WHOIS search is not an accurate indicator of .cn domain availability. The WHOIS lookup is simply a database of contact information for .cn domains registered at the registry. If a .cn domain is registered seconds ago through any of the other registrars it would not show up in our WHOIS lookup. The best way to tell if a .cn domain is available is by attempting to register it. During that process our system contacts registry for the domain status and the registry tells us whether it is available. If the .cn-domain isn't available cnnames will refund the registration fee to your creditcard within 48 hours.

Domain Services Limited can not be hold responsible for these factors!!